Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just discovered I have an award!

The lovely Tracy has tagged me.
I must answer the following questions:

10 Years ago: I was in my 30s (oh...those were the days). I had just begun working in my current job at a primary school and thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

5 things to do today: 1. Go to mum's for dinner. 2. Go to M&S and buy their £10 meal deal for a lazy tea. 3. Watch some of craft day (especially the bits with Leonie). 4. Look for a cheap holiday. 5. Hang out the washing!

Snacks I enjoy: Crisps

Places I have lived: Oh dear, do holidays count? lol I have lived here in lovely Lancashire all of my life.

What I would do if I was a millionaire: Design and have my own house built in the countryside somewhere. Buy a holiday home in America and split my time between the two. I'd also travel the length and breadth of the USA for the first year of my new hound wealth.

Now, to tag other fab crafters. Leonie Pujol, Louise Dyan Kelly Jay

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Louly said...

Hi Deb, sorry I'm late. Thank you so much for my award. Mmmmwahhh. xxx