Sunday, November 01, 2009

Award from Lindsay Mason

Just realised I have a blog award from Lindsay Mason. I feel so honoured. I love Lindsay's work and she was the inspiration behind my recent inky backgrounds.
Now I have to tell you 5 interesting things about me and pass the award to 5 other people. Passing the award on is the easy bit, but 5 'interesting' things about me? Here goes - 1. 25 years ago today I got engaged! 2. I support Blackburn Rovers FC. 3. Each weekend I watch my son play football Saturday and Sunday. 4. My elder son is living in Canada at the moment. 5. I love buying stash! ;)
5 blogs to recommend - Artfully Ila, her cards are always fab. Anita Mistry, I am a member of a card swapping group with Anita and her work is always fantastic. Enfys, whose crochet work is just amazing. Linda Elbourne, whose work always makes me smile, my last recommendation is Debbi who is a passionate crafter and fellow Sugar Nellie fan.


Unknown said...

Well done on your award and Thank you so much for thinking of me ... I shall post it as soon as I can think of five interesting things about me ... I may be some time *LOL*

Ila said...

Congrats on the well deserved award Deb!!...Thank you so much for thinking of me...and your kind words...Big Hugs, Ila